Matti Lankinen (b. 1988, Kangasala, Finland)

Keen traveller that has had influences on his artistic working from nearly 40 countries. Participated to exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Fascinated by graffiti at early age found later his interest in murals and fine art.
Organizer of Spraycankontrol (2016, 2017) and International Meeting of Styles (2017,2018) which are graffiti, mural & street art events at Hiedanranta district in Tampere Finland. Paintings done in these events form Hiedanranta street art park, which covers more than 3000 square meters of factory walls. Hiedanranta covers pieces from +200 artists from 4 continents, 20 different countries. Personal works and Spraycankontrol event have been to various Finnish news publications ( circulation + 1 million) Events have been also widely present in social media trough world class visitors with combined + 500K followers.







2018- Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku Academy of Arts, the degree of artist

Attended courses

2016     Portrait class, Cory Saint Clair & Jason Prouty, Anaheim, USA
2015     Jose Sanjuan, Ari De Carvalho, Kankaanpää

Invitations to public discussion events

2019 Event at Vimma, Turku
2018 Tampere Design and Architecture week
2017 ITE-Pirkanmaalla research, Minna Haveri PhD contemporary folk art in
Panel discussion with Maria Mattila, Mika Pettissalo, Mikko Kyrönviita
Critics Otso Kantokorpi

In publications / articles

2018 ITE-Pirkanmaalla, Contemporary folk art research project at Pirkanmaa
region by Minna Haveri PhD
2018 The Graffiti Storyline and Urban Planning: Key Narratives in the
Planning, Marketing, and News Texts of Santalahti and Hiedanranta by
Kai Ylinen, MA

Works in news publications

2018-16 Aamulehti, Spraycankontrol & Meeting of styles events
2017-16 Tamperelainen, Spraycankontrol event
2017 Kulosaarelaiset, Kulosaari wall
2017 HS, Spraycankontrol walls used for ad


2019     Sign installation pt.2, Hiedanranta

Group exhibitions

2019     Köysiratagalleria, Turku
2017     Galleria Rajatila, Tampere
2017     Sck ry, Cultural restaurant 931, Tampere
2016     Earth, Kosmos festival, Ristiina
2015     Hirvitalo, Pispala contemporary art center, Tampere
2013     Animals, German Cultural institute, Meta house, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


2018 Matkalla – Observing sketches from Trans-Mongolian/Siberian Railway travels ’14, Urban Espoo, Application gallery, Espoo Culture

Murals / Public works

2018    Inclusive sign installation project, Hiedanranta, Tampere
2018    Scandic Tampere City, Hämeenkatu 1 hallway to restaurant & Reception
2018    Tampere Art Museum & Sähkölaitos
2018    Tampere Tram, Kuivaamo, Hiedanranta
2017    Kulosaari time travelling, Street art office, City of Helsinki
2017    Tampere dreamtime, Typa, Tampereen Kaupunki
2016    Darthkekkonen, Hiedanranta street art park, Tampere
2016    Purkutaide, Kerava
2016    Southpark, Pop-up park miniramp, Tampere

Other murals / comissions

2018    Sitko Pizza, Tampere
2018    Portaali, Tampere
2018    Trelogy, Skateboarding Finnish Championships, street- & exhibition area
2018-   Kenneli D.I.Y. Concrete bowl indoor skatepark, Hiedanranta, Tampere
2017-18  MSc Electronics (assisting)
2017    Tapahtumien yö, Tampere
2017    Erkkifest, Erkinpelto D.I.Y. Concrete skatepark, Joensuu
2017    Maanalainen, Tampere
2017    Surf Hostel, Taghazout, Marocco
2015    Manserama & Association logo, Kaarikoirat ry
2014    Matchfactory D.I.Y. mural, Kaarikoirat ry
2013    Showbox, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2013    Arcadia, Kampot, Cambodia


2018    Spraycankontrol (Sck) & International Meeting of Styles – Prosenttitaide,
Hiedanranta Development program, City of Tampere 15000€
Production grant, Culture City of Tampere 2000€

2017    Sck, Prosenttitaide, Hiedanranta Development program, City of Tampere 15000€
Production grant, Culture City of Tampere 1000€
Tullikamari Pakkahuone 500€
Grafia ry – G-rex street art guild, Sck & MOS 500€

2016    Sck, Prosenttitaide, Hiedanranta Development program, City of Tampere 15000€


2017     Amnesty
2017     Grafia ry / G-rex
2016     Spraycankontrol ry – Founding member and Chairperson
2015     Kaarikoirat ry – Member of board
2007     Greenpeace


2018 Sck ry, #Kulttour Graffiti workshop, Juupajoki
2018 Sck ry, Graffiti workshop, Akaa
2018 Kaarikoirat ry & Älä jäädy, skateboard painting workshop, Tampere
2018 Kaarikoirat ry & Graffiti workshop for finnish / asylum seeker teenagers
2017 Painting workshop for kids at C’moon kihniö festival
2015-2016 Kaarikoirat ry, Mans-e-rama part of producer team
2007-2015 Comatec – Rantotek Oy, Various projects (Boiler & Steel structure drafting, 3D-modelling, Partlists, Assembly planning) 3D-models & manufacturing & assembly plans for steel structures and duct parts around 50m(h)*25m(w) in maximum size and weight ranging from few kilos +130tons.

Ongoing projects – Looking for cultural producer, funding, sponsorships contact if interested  

2018-   Kenneli D.I.Y. Concrete bowl indoor skatepark mural 300 sq.m, Hiedanranta, Tampere

2016- Hiedanranta street art park